4 Easy home-improvement projects to do this winter

If you are thinking of selling this spring, be ahead in the game and start preparing your home for sale now. Preparation is key when it comes to selling. If you fail to prepare, you may have to accept an offer that is lower than what you expected – or what you planned for. While a brand new kitchen and bathroom would certainly help increase the buyer appeal of your property, you don’t have to undertake an expensive and lengthy renovation to maximise the potential of your property. There are several quick little fixes that you can easily do yourself – and that won’t break the bank. Below we share 4 tips for easy modifications that will help you maximise the buyer appeal of your property.

Focus on the front

When arriving at inspections, the first thing buyers see is the front of your home. First impressions are crucial, as they may influence buyers’ opinions of the inside as well – so make sure that your front façade and front yard look well maintained. Tend to the garden by mowing the lawn, pulling out weeds and planting established flowers or plants. Bring new life to the fence with a fresh coat of paint or trimming the hedges. Also, consider replacing your front door or old flyscreens. These small updates in combination with keeping your driveway and front yard clean from leaves, dirt or any other mess is sure to amp up the curb appeal and give buyers a welcoming feel as they come to inspect the house.


Update fixtures and fittings.

Treat your home to a modern update by replacing any outdated fixtures and fittings. If your kitchen sink tap or shower mixer tap hasn’t been updated since the start of 2000’s it might be time for a new more modern look. However, don’t limit the update to your kitchen and bathroom – consider updating the door handles and knobs, doorstops, lights, fans, curtain rods and curtain rails. You’ll be surprised what a difference it can make to your home.

New carpets and fresh paint

One easy way to create the ‘fresh new home’ feel is to lay new carpet and add a new coat of paint. Depending on which room you are re-carpeting, you should opt for different textures and colours. For example, it may be better to choose a more durable carpet in a darker hue for the living room as it is a high foot trafficked area. When deciding on a paint colour for your walls, consider neutral tones such as whites, creams or light greys as they are more likely to appeal to a wider variety of buyers. While neutrals walls may look a bit plain to you, buyers will see a blank canvas and opportunities to make your home their own.


Refinish the kitchen

When a complete renovation is out of the question, a refinish may not be. You don’t have to replace the entire kitchen to create a new look. Keep the main structure as it is and focus on repainting or replacing the cupboard doors as well as the door handles. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also replace the benchtop and splashback. These changes will give you that new kitchen look whilst being quite cost-effective and easy to DIY – a perfect trifecta for the handy homeowner.

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