Three key factors to look for when choosing a real estate agent

Have you made the big decision to sell your home or investment property but are yet to find the right agent to sell it? It can be a bit daunting to sell what’s probably your biggest asset, so we understand that you want to find the best possible real estate agent to help you through this process – whilst selling it for the highest possible price. But how do you know that you’ve selected the best agent? We believe that there are many things that make a great agent, however, there are three key factors that you should look particularly look for when you make your selection.  

1. They’re trustworthy

When you meet with your potential real estate agent, ask yourself the following questions. Is s/he confident, friendly and approachable? Is s/he punctual, organised and reliable? Does s/he communicate the selling process to you in an easy to understand and clear manner? If all your answers are yes, put the agent on your shortlist. Then jump online to cross reference your shortlist of your favourite agents. One of the best indicators that your potential real estate agent is trustworthy are positive reviews. You can read about other sellers’ experiences with the agents on websites such as ratemyagent. The reviews will show which agents deliver on their promises and if they’re easy and enjoyable to work with. Unbiased reviews can also help you stay clear of agents who may present well in person but who underdelivers when it comes down to business.

2. They have sound local knowledge

Sound knowledge of the local market is vital if you are looking to sell your home efficiently and for the best possible price. Make sure that the agent you select knows your area well and understands what buyers are looking for. Your potential real estate agent should be able to answer these following questions. What type of buyer is looking to buy in my area? What are other houses in my area selling for? What makes my house and area appealing to buyers? Where are the local schools, shops and amenities? If your potential real estate agent can answer these questions, you’re likely to receive an efficient marketing strategy, tailored specifically to your home, that will appeal to the buyers looking in your area.

3. They have a great track record

Numbers matter and they don’t lie. Research your potential real estate agent’s past sales and current listings. Gather the information from various sources such as online, their agency’s website as well as the local paper and let the hard facts answer the following questions. Do they have experience selling homes that are similar or comparable to yours? If so, how many of comparative homes have they recently sold and how long were they on the market? What were the sale prices for these solds, and what are the advertised prices for their current listings? Sale prices that are similar to listing prices is a key indicator that the agent understands the market. However, ensure that you do your research and compare the statistics with other agents in the area.


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