A quick guide to 4 popular design styles

Do you feel like your home is due for an interior update but are not quite sure what new style you want? With so many different interior design styles out there it can be tricky knowing what elements are characteristic of each style. To give you a starting point and help you figure out which style you may prefer, we’re explaining the basics of four popular interior styles – and giving you examples of how you can incorporate each style in to your home.


As the name of this design style suggests, the main source of inspiration are industrial buildings. Using raw and exposed materials such as steel, timber and bricks the industrial style showcases the history of a property. A typical home with an industrial style would be a converted warehouse featuring exposed brick walls, metal fixtures, old timber flooring and sparse functional furniture. If you want to incorporate the industrial interior style in to your home consider well-placed statement lights in metal finishes, a neutral colour palette reflecting the primary materials and salvaged vintage objects. To avoid making the space feel cold, add pieces that provide some texture and comfort. For example, you may add soft throws and cushions or a comfortable upholstered couch.

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Scandinavian design draws its inspiration from the simplicity and functionality of the easy-going lifestyle in Nordic countries. Using natural materials such as blonde timber, wools and fur in combination with natural lighting, Scandinavian design embraces the Danish concept ‘hygge’ – a feeling or moment that is cosy, charming or special. Typically, a Scandinavian styled home would feature an all-white colour palette, furniture with strong lines of an almost sculptural quality and keep the accessories to a minimal. If you want to incorporate the Scandinavian style in to your home, consider soft linen or cosy sheepskins, monochrome artwork and using blue as your accent colour.

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The bohemian interior style can be defined as carefree eclecticism in the home. Using items and materials from varied and globally inspired sources the style blends into different cultures and times. When it comes to bohemian interior style, more is more and anything will go as long as you love it. Typically, wooden furnishings are used in a brightly colored space with richly patterned textiles and personal collectables on display. If you want to incorporate this varied style in to your home consider vintage leathers, tribal rugs or ottomans, tassled bedlinen and cushions as well as high canopies with fairy lights.

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Coastal style, also known as Hamptons style, is inspired by the sea and sand. Using timber in washed tones, white breezy draperies and glass in combination with a light and airy colour palette, this interior style aims to create a relaxed beachside feel. In the past, this style centered around seaside accessory clichés such as seashells or driftwood. However, the more modern take on this style gives subtle nods to the ocean. If you want to incorporate the coastal interior style in to your home consider adding blue and white striped patterns for cushions and pillows, white or beige furnishing, crisp white bedlinen and nautical décor.

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