How to style your home for sale

First impressions count - especially so when you are in the process of selling your home. A prospective buyer’s first impression of your home can be extremely difficult to reverse or undo, which is why it’s important that your home makes a brilliant first impression. More and more often, vendors are turning to professional stylists to create a selling look for their homes. However, if you’re on a budget professional help may be out of the question. But don’t worry, there are several inexpensive and easy ways you can dress your home for sale. Read our 8 tips below for how you can style your home so it makes a great first impression on buyers.


De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter

When selling, it is often better to pair back and simplify a space. Clearing your home of superfluous pieces will help your prospective buyers visualise themselves living in the home - with room for their own furniture and personal belongings. Moreover, a decluttered space will feel neat, tidy and airy and can even make your home appear bigger than what it is.  

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Focus on your main living areas

When styling your home there are four main areas where you should spend some extra time and effort when styling: the kitchen, living room, bathroom and master bedroom. Keep in mind that prospective buyers are online comparing your property photos to countless of others in the area to decide which homes they want to inspect. If your main areas are styled and well presented, your home is more likely to stand out from the rest - and sway prospective buyers to put your home on their inspection list.

Play it safe with neutrals

Everyone has their own personal taste. While you may love the nude portrait that hangs on your red living room wall, your buyers may not be as enthusiastic about it. Keeping a neutral colour scheme will help make your home more appealing to a bigger number of buyers. For example, you can re-paint your walls white, update your throw cushions and rugs or change your bedlinen to a more monochrome colour palette.


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Create curb appeal 

It’s important that your exterior is just as well looked after as your interior, since the front of your house is the first thing buyers see when they arrive at an open for inspection. So, spend a weekend tidying up in your front yard by raking leaves, pulling out weeds and mowing the lawn. Consider re-painting the fence, planting some established flowers or plants and updating the mailbox. All quick and easy fixes that will bring new life to your front yard.

Fix and repair

Buyers will be looking for faults and flaws, so do what you can to make sure they don’t find any. Fix leaking taps, replace flickering light bulbs, repaint to remove scuff marks or patch and plaster holes - if it needs to be done, do it. Usually, buyers are on a strict budget and if the house needs any repairs once they move in, they will account for those costs when making their offers. To ensure that buyers have no reason to withhold their absolute best offers, make sure that your home is in tip top shape.

Clean up 

Before every inspection, thoroughly clean your home and ensure that everything is put in its place and any mess is tidied away. We highly recommend that you clean your windows both inside and out - you will be surprised what a difference it does to the light and how much brighter your home will feel.


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Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers throughout your home make a great impact with minimal effort. They help create a homely feel, are beautiful to look at and they fill your home with a nice smell. Flowers also help to link the rooms with the garden or outdoor space.

Temperature control 

If you’re selling your home during the colder time of year, turn up the temperature to create an inviting home. Light your fireplace, turn on the heating and if you have an outdoor area with heating turn it on. Alternatively, if you’re selling during the warmer time of year, turn on the air conditioning and fans. Temperature control can completely change the feel and atmosphere of your home.


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