New Year New home: 5 tips for furnishing your new home.

To many people, moving to a new house is not only a fresh new start, but also an opportunity to bring in new and exciting furniture and home decor to create their dream home. If you have an upcoming settlement or are in the process of moving, you may be eager to head down to all the Homemaker centres around Melbourne to kick off your fresh start. However, before you go hit the shops, read our 5 tips below to avoid splurging on furniture and interiors you may come to regret in the future.

1. Set a budget

Before you go spending your cash, find out how much you’ve got to spend. When you set your budget, consider whether it's realistic and if it's flexible - you may find that it will cost you more than you thought to update your bedroom suite. If you don't have the budget for a complete furniture and decor makeover, then consider updating one room at a time or opt for smaller decor pieces that bring new life to the furniture you already have. For example, new cushions and throws can make your couch feel brand new without breaking the bank.

2. Research what you like

Take inspiration from everything around you. Read interior design magazines, scroll through your Pinterest and Houzz apps, follow stylists on Instagram and check out their blogs. Seeing what others are doing will help you get a better understanding of your own likes and dislikes - and you may discover that you are drawn to a particular style. For example, after a bit of research you may find that you particularly like the Scandinavian style or you may discover several amazing furniture stores you've never even heard of before.

3. Take your time to plan

Updating the furniture and decor in your home is not something that should be rushed. While you might be tempted to buy it all from one or two stores in one day, try to take your time. If you're rushing you may end up making impulse buys, overpaying for items or settling for something that you're not completely in love with. When you make a plan of what you want and shop over a longer period of time, you will notice what's missing in the room and can take the time to find the perfect missing pieces.

4. Go with your taste rather than current trends

Trends come and go. One year it's all bright pastels and rose gold, the next it's deep jewel tones and brass. When you furnish your home consider buying items that you know you'll love forever. For example, while you may be pining for a trendy velvet couch today, you may find it out of fashion next season. To avoid constantly spending money following the trends, consider your taste. What have you found stylish for the past 5 years? If you have liked the same look for that long, changes are you will like it for another 5 years. If you've always loved a monochrome palette then decorate in a monochrome palette. So, before you start styling the coffee table, ask yourself: does this room reflect me and what I like? Remember that tends are fleeting but taste lasts.

5. Ask a professional

Don't be afraid to ask for advice. If you have some money left in your budget, consider hiring a professional stylist to help bring your home to life. They are trained professionals who know what colours work well together, what proportions look harmonious in a room and can help you create a nice flow in your home. If you don't want to spend money on a stylist, then ask a friend for their honest opinion. Two heads are usually better than one and it's always a great help to have someone to bounce off ideas with.


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